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Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Thrive Naturally Lakeside Studio and Retreat

Lac La Biche, Alberta.   August 1-21, 2015

Thrive Naturally Lakeside Studio and Retreat is privately owned and tucked in the midst of nature's raw splendor. This residential setting offers an unparralled space for personal and spiritual growth and transformation.

 Retreat features a warm, inviting yoga studio, infrared sauna and peaceful surroundings with direct access to the lake, kayaking and trail hiking.

Thrive Naturally takes pride in its delicious, locally-sourced and thoughtfully prepared meal experience. We are not only customers of local farmers, growers and food providers in the area...they are our friends and neighbors who contribute to the wellness and unique multiculturalism of our community.
  As Thrive training students, we welcome you as guests at our table. Bon Appetit!


ACCOMMODATIONS: TBA for 2015 training


6:30-8am: Morning Yoga and Meditation class (according to the theme of the day)
8-9am: Breakfast
9-10:30am: Functional and Structural Anatomy
10:30am-12:00pm: Posture Alignment & Teaching Techniques
12:00-2pm: Lunch Break (kayaking, sauna, hiking options)
2-2:30pm: Yoga Nidra
2:30-4:00pm: Yoga Philosophy
4:00-5:30pm: Teaching Methodology and Sequencing
5:30-6:30pm: Student Teaching Practicum
6:30-7:30pm: Dinner

7:30-9pm: Evening Session

Departure Day

7-8am: Morning Sadhana
8-9am: Breakfast
9-11am: Closing Session
11am: Early Lunch with noon departure


Program cost includes room, 3 meals per day, yoga teacher training tuition, and a comprehensive 500 page Integrative Yoga Therapy Yoga Teacher Training Manual.  To reserve your space a non-refundable $300 dollar deposit is required.

Tuition: TBA

Program Faculty

Serena Arora, B.Ed, E-RYT-500

Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) Primary Faculty Member, Ayurveda Therapist

Serena has passionately shared her knowledge and love of yoga, Ayurveda, and life through her classes, presentations, retreats and yoga teacher trainings. She is a certified Professional Yoga Therapist and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Wholistic Therapist, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, Mind Body Specialist, Group Fitness Specialist, Ayurveda & Panchakarma Therapist, training in India, America and Canada. Having taught yoga since 1999, she attributes her well-rounded professional development to her inspiring teachers and mentors from around the world, especially her very first guruji; her dad.

Serena established THRIVE!...Naturally Yoga & Wellness, a unique lakeside yoga studio retreat in Alberta, in 2006. Currently she works in collaboration with other health and yoga professionals as the only Canadian Integrative Yoga Therapy Affiliate Director for the Integrative Yoga Therapy 200 hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training and THRIVE! Naturally provides a beautiful natural setting for this 21 day residential intensive.

Liz Heffernan, MA, PYT-1000, E-RYT 500

Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) Primary Faculty Member

Liz is a certified IYT Therapist and an experienced yoga instructor of over 17 years.   She brings a passion for therapeutics and extensive experience in the Hatha yoga systems of Kripalu, Ashtanga and Anusara (certified Anusara-Inspired™). Her vision is to inspire teachers to share the healing practices of yoga with those motivated to seek a path of self-discovery and self-care.  Over the years many, many wonderful yoga teachers have inspired Liz’s path these include Integrative Yoga Therapy’s Joseph and Lillian Le Page; Anusara Yoga’s Jim & Ruthie Bernaert,  Desiree Rumbaugh;  Ashtanga Yoga’s Tim Miller, and yoga philosophers and scholars Douglas Brooks and Carlos Pomeda.   Through a comprehensive application of bio-mechanical principles of alignment for deep therapeutic work, a strong focus on the breath and a heart expanding philosophy, she inspires her students toward greater degrees of freedom in body, mind and in spirit.

Student Testimonials


"Phenomenal, life changing and deeply enriching educational experience. Transformative. I came here thinking I would learn a lot, but not necessarily be able to come out of training and teach yoga right away. I feel differently now, empowered and capable. Confident that I will have support from Serena, my peers, and the IYT community as I grow as a teacher. My life was deeply enriched, personally and professionally." - Anne (Chicago)

 "The class was beautifully organized. Presentation was exceptional and honouring to all aspects of the teaching of yoga. The depth of teaching is beautiful. I so appreciated the structure of the 21 days. The practicum portion was of monumental value for me. The philosophy being molded into yoga postures, assignments, journalling, sharing and finally to teaching." - Linda (St. Paul)

 "The learning was packed in - yet never boring! It was given with great wisdom and also an underlying acceptance to all of us, wherever we are in our journey. We were treated as family!" - Patty (New York) 

"As I took in the lectures, the experience, and how it related to my present moment, I was able to grow...this is such a gift. The ability to grow and learn which Serena offered was an experience I will cherish. The knowledge I have gained are the building blocks from which I will continue to shape the rest of my life." - Shauna (Winnipeg)



“There are two ways of spreading light:  to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”     ~Edith Wharton

Serena Arora shines her light in both of these ways; providing both a foundation of knowledge to the student and an unconditional acceptance and nurturing of each student’s personal growth.

I met Serena as her student in the 21 day intensive yoga teacher training program at Thrive Naturally in Alberta, Canada, where I felt encouraged and inspired.  There was never pressure: simply an unconditional acceptance that wherever we were in our learning, understanding, and practice was exactly where we were supposed to be. There was an abundance of experiences and study packed into the 21 day intensive program.

I recommend training with Serena Arora without reservation.

The rural beauty and openness of Serena’s yoga studio, Thrive Naturally, added to the spiritual renewal, authentic relationships, and yoga training.  It was a remarkable learning environment.  The opportunity to soak in the surrounding beauty and enjoy hiking, running, kayaking, seeing an amazing array of wildlife, all while engaging in daily yoga practice, experiential learning, framed within a solid knowledge base, was a true gift.

Every day was packed full and very organized where 12–15 hour days went fast because it was interesting, interactive, and FUN! We were fed wonderful, healthy, delicious meals.  Serena’s cooking class was fascinating with the focus on Ayurvedic health.   She is seriously gifted in meal preparation and creativity, clearly enjoys the kitchen adventures, and truly exemplifies living the Yoga life.  Serena brought in guest lecturers, inspiring and knowledgeable to further our learning and appreciation.  She is loved in her community, as was reflected in the response to offering a 10 day yoga practice, which allowed us as students to have direct experience and teach!

I have been back home now over two months and the yoga training and friendships continue to be with and inspire me.  With IYT training I feel so much more confident developing and advancing my own practice. Serena is a gifted teacher and human.  When I signed up it felt right intuitively, yet I would be traveling across the country to a destination unknown in multiple ways.  It was truly the best decision and has furthered and enhanced my life journey. - Patty (New York)


Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training